Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monitoring My Game Plan

First Goal Recap: My first goal is to engage my 7t grade math students in authentic problems using digital tools.

I am finding it difficult to find the information and resources I need. Unfortunately, my class is very fast paced and we are gearing up for our first district benchmark test, which must be given on a certain date. I have found great ideas and potential lesson plans to use, but unfortantely I have not found anything appropriate for my students regarding rational numbers.

I have decided I need to modify my plan. Originally I had my timeline set to implement a problem-based type learning activity that utilizes technology by next week. In order to ensure I am implementing an activity that builds on my students’ learning, I want to extend my timeline. I want to wait until the beginning of December. Due to Christmas break; my math-pacing guide has a lull in December, which proposes the perfect time to implement a project. I do not want to implement an authentic problem that can be solved completed in a fifty-minute period. Authentic problems are not neatly packaged in a certain time frame and I want to allow flexibility during this learning curve. As Dr. Peggy Ertmer states in “Enriching Content Area Learning Experiences with Technology, Part 1” part of integrating technology effectively relies on a teacher’s confidence (Laureate Education, Inc., 2010).

During my research for this learning goal, I have learned that authentic learning problems do not have to be complicated. I am finding it harder to find ways to integrate technology into activities within the limits and confines of my school’s resources. My question remains the same: how do others use technology in fast-paced math classes? I find by the time I get technology, such as computers, passed out, my time left in class is limited.

Second Goal Recap: My second goal is to use a variety of formats to communicate with parents and students.

My goal specifically revolves around using Edmodo to interact with students and parents. I have found many resources, specifically from my colleagues. I have two colleagues who already use Edmodo in their classroom and have shared the ways they implement it within their content area. I have already created a parent letter, which introduces Edmodo, and gains parent permission for students to use Edmodo. I have also set up individual sections on my Edmodo site for each class period, along with an introduction activity.

At this time, I do not need to modify my plan. My students will be registered and utilizing Edmodo within the next two weeks as scheduled. So far, I have learned that Edmodo can be used in a variety of ways to enhance student participation and communication.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Working on my GAME Plan

In order to meet my first goal, which involves engaging students in authentic problems utilizing tools, I need to research lessons that other teachers have done. So far I have started towards this goal through the help of my peers. My peers have posted helpful suggestions for me on my blog that are leading me to examples of problem-based learning in the mathematics classroom. Now that I have some good examples of authentic learning experiences, I now need to research how technology is used in the math classroom. This is an area I need assistance. My problem is I get stuck on using technology as replacement of paper and pencil techniques. I would like to find a use of technology that extends students’ learning, not simply replacing something that could be done without technology.  The steps I have taken so far consist of researching authentic learning experiences in regards to rational numbers, which will be the next unit of study for my students. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

I have already taken some action towards my second goal, which is to use Edmodo to increase communication with my students and parents. I have set up my account and started to set up general parameters, such as different sections for each period, creating an introductory poll and quiz for my students. Resources I need for carrying out my plan are a parent letter explaining the website and gaining permission for students to access Edmodo. I have found a few sample letters online, which I will draw from to create my own letter.  I also found a wiki page on Edmodo that shares ideas on what it is used for. This wiki offers great explanations for how to set up and monitor wiki pages. My next step will be to write my own parent letter and roll out my Edmodo webpage to my students.


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My GAME Plan


In “Promoting Self-Directed Learning with Technology,” Dr. Katherine Cennamo introduces the concept of creating a GAME plan, which supports self-directed learners in creating a strategy for personal growth and development (Laureate Education, Inc., 2010). It is important for teachers to constantly assess their own learning and make a plan for how to improve their practices.


When reviewing the National Education Standards for Teachers (NETS-T), there are two indicators I would like to strengthen. I would like to improve on Standard 1: Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity, specifically, the indicator that states teachers should, “Engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources” (International Society for Technology in Education [ISTE], 2012). I currently teach seventh grade Pre-Algebra and do not utilize technology to enhance student learning in authentic situations like I can or should.

The second standard I would like to improve on is Standard 3: Model Digital Age Work and Learning, indicator: “Communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents, and peers using a variety of digital age media formats” (ISTE, 2012). I have a classroom website to communicate with parents, and a blog to communicate with my peers, but I am currently lacking a way to communicate with my students.


In order to achieve my goals, I will need to take action. When it comes to improving on Standard 1, I will first need to analyze my curriculum and find areas where I would like to emphasize authentic problems. From there, I will research technologies that can enhance the learning experience. I will use search engines and conversations with my colleagues to gain ideas. Once I have developed a lesson plan and found a technology to use, I will implement my lesson.

In order to achieve my second goal, I will create an account on Edmodo. Edmodo is a social network specifically designed for schools, which allows teachers and students to connect and collaborate (Edmodo, 2012). The best part about Edmodo is that it will not only offer a way to communicate with my students, but will also act as another mode of communication I can use with parents and colleagues. The actions I will need to take are creating an account, setting up my Edmodo page, and sharing how to use it with my students.

In order to monitor my progress while working on my two goals, I will set up a time frame for each component of my action plans. My personality prefers structure, and I am very good at accomplishing my tasks if organized in a “checklist” type of manner, in which certain tasks must be done by a certain time.


To evaluate if I have strengthened Standard 1, I will evaluate student progress and engagement. I will use surveys to gain students’ opinions on the activity and technology I implement to see if they feel it was a valuable learning experience. I will also use informal observations of my students to determine if the technology I have implemented is enhancing or hindering student learning. One thing I will be looking at is whether or not the technology I use is a placeholder for an older technology or actually brings something more to the lesson.

To evaluate if I have strengthened Standard 3, I will use my Edmodo page to see if I have more open communication with my students. My page will offer immediate feedback on whether or not students are actually communicating with me outside of the classroom in an open and educational way. If students are not utilizing Edmodo, I will have to determine if it is how I have my page set up or due to student access to technology outside of the classroom.

For both of the standards I want to improve on, the biggest thing I will have to do is reflect and analyze what worked in each situation and what did not. From there, I will have to reevaluate my goals and either make new action plans or continue using the practices I have developed.

I am hoping my colleagues can offer how they use technology to enhance technology in authentic math lessons. Also, if anyone has used or is using Edmodo, what are your main uses of it? Another question I have is, how do you encourage students to utilize Edmodo?


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